Health and Human Services is the newest facet, a part of National Trends and Services until 2010.

EmpowHer for Heart Health, held virtually on Feb. 20, 2021.

Health Forums


Leveraging the knowledge and resources of Links members working in the healthcare field, a variety of health forums have been offered to the public on topics ranging from heart health and stroke prevention to cancer and mental health concerns.

Above right, (l to r): Links member Lorraine Griffin Johnson, Heir Link Kendall
Blue, Links members Lisa Lissimore, Allyson Brotherson, M.D., and Tanya
Bransford, J.D.

Above center (l to r, behind table): Links member Tanya Bransford, J.D., Deseria Galloway, founder and CEO of Well Spring, Links member Allyson Brotherson, M.D.

Kids Mask Up Day


All five Links Facet programs collaborated with Well Spring Second Chance Center to give masked stuffed animals and child-sized masks to area youth. Links members showed the children how to wear their masks correctly.

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